Name mark klebofski

I built this computer for the Intel/You Tube mod contest. I didnt have a lot of money or time (just 1 week) to use so I began with a Rosewill case that was $19US. I laminated the motherboard tray, rear panel and front panel with a CarbonFiber/Aramid material. It added much strength to the panels.
I also used a 235watt power supply as i wanted to show that if you chose your parts carefully it was possible to build a gamer computer with a 235watt power supply.
For hardware I used a Celeron 420 (only 35 watts) I would prefer to use a C2D but I didnt have enough money. Besides a better CPU can always be added later.
Asus P5N E SLI motherboard
2 Gigs of Crucial Ballistix tracer DDR2 memory
2 XFX 8600GT video cards in SLI
2 Hitachi 80 gig Sata Laptop Hdds in Raid0
PC Power & Cooling 235 watt Power supply (found in garbage can, lol)
iMON Ultra Bay display and remote control

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